St. Regis Bangkok – A BKK Must Do

I still experience people labeling Bangkok as a backpacker destination, with cheap thrills, counterfeit shopping and bunk bed hostels. Don’t get me wrong it still is, but Bangkok has transformed into a luxury destination with venues and experiences on par with what you find in places like Hong Kong, Tokyo or Singapore.

The list of luxury must do’s in Bangkok is long, and growing. After my last visit to the city, I have added one more to my personal list!

Being Drawn by the Drawing Room

Since I had my birthday during my stay, I felt cake was in order – to be honest I usually always feel like cake is in order, but at least I had an occasion to celebrate this time. I therefore booked a table for Afternoon Tea at St. Regis Bangkok.

Arriving at the hotel you are greeted by the astonishing lobby, and here you instantly feel that you are in for a treat.

The Drawing room is the hotels, casual eatery – it’s classy and elegant and everything you would expect from being at the St Regis. The room is subtle, but large flower decorations and a big glass wall of Krug bottles create just the right luxurious feel to the room.

Sitting down I instantly get the feeling that I am exactly where I want to be. It feels good, relaxing and I feel my excitement rising.

Flower display at the lobby of St. Regis Bangkok
Krug Champagne decoration at St Regis Bangkok's Drawing Room
The Drawing Room at St. Regis Bangkok

The Treats in the Birdcage 

tasty treat

The selection of coffee, tea and savory bites at St. Regis Bangkok is classic. It includes delicious cream tea scones, dainty sandwiches and beautifully prepared sweets and pastries. There are no surprises in this serving, which is not meant negatively. The selection is just what you would expect from a classic and luxurious Afternoon Tea. No elements on the plate will leaves you disappointed here.

Only complain that I can possibly think off is that the sheer volume of tasty sweet and savory treats actually made it impossible for me to get through the entire serving – I guess there is a first for everything.

Afternoon tea at St. Regis Bangkok served in a birdcage
Afternoon tea at St. Regis Bangkok
the author enjoying his coffee at the Drawing Room at St. Regis Bangkok

While the servings come without major surprises, I must say however, the delivery was quite unexpected and out of the ordinary. All foods and snacks were beautifully served in what looked like half a section of an extraordinarily looking birdcage, mounted on a large stand on the floor. It looked amazing and added a lot of decadence and luxury to the serving. The serving in the birdcage did, however, have a bit of a shake when by passing staff got to close. Luckily there was no drama with fallen pastry this time.


Cake with a view

A big part of the experience and a serious wow-factor when visiting the Drawing Room at St. Regis Bangkok is the splendid view overlooking the spectacular The Royal Bangkok Sports Club – Bangkok’s oldest and by far must exclusive members club.

From the Drawing room you see the lush green fairways of Thailand’s first golf course, and the Royal racing track. For views when sipping your tea and nibbling on a scone, this is hard to beat.

If you like me don’t manage to book in time to get a seat by the window don’t despair! Luckily next to the bar there’s also an outdoor deck where you can step out, enjoy a drink or just try to shake off your serious pastry sugar rush. Either way here you have a great view of the Sports Club as well.

view of the royal Bangkok sports club from st regis Bangkok

As the sun sets the view just keep getting more magical. St. Regis Bangkok truly is an experience for more then just the tastebuds.

Sunset view of the Bangkok royal sports club from st regis Bangkok

Afternoon tea at St Regis Bangkok – Final Thoughts

Bangkok really is a must visit, with many amazing luxury food and travel experiences to explore. I have my Bangkok must-do-list, and a visit to St. Regis and the Drawing Room for an afternoon of delight, is now added to the list.

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