Le Meridian Malta at Balluta Bay

My trip to Malta and stay at Le Meridian

Malta is an overlooked destination for luxury travel in Southern Europe, granted they have some steep competition from its highly popular neighboring countries in the Mediterranean. Malta however has some definite upsides that makes the Island worth a second thought for your next summer get away.

First of all it’s location is far South. This creates an even earlier spring season and really late fall season, where you still have amazing weather. I have managed to be on the Island in late November and still have 25°C degree weather – an absolute pleasure.

As soon as you interact with the Maltese you sense a very Northern Continental European vibe – stemming from the islands past as a UK colony. The humor and the understanding more similar to a North European way if thinking.  Furthermore  the English proficiency here definitely miles better then what you find in your typical Mediterranean countries, which makes for a much easier time, if you are one of those who like to explore and mingle with the locals.

Diverse Areas – Pick Your Favorite

Despite being a small nation, Malta is quite diverse in it’s areas. The Capital of Valetta has a historic look to it with narrow streets, historic buildings and beige limestone buildings.

For shopping Sliema just North of Valetta is the main place to go. The neighboring area St. Julians a favorite for people who come to explore Malta’s more festive side.

The old city of Mdina is a great place to stay if you want to have a medieval feel to your stay. The island of Gozo – the neighboring island to Malta’s main island, is a perfect place to stay if you want stunning views and breathtaking beaches. Gozo also used to be home of the now late Azure Window limestone formation, that just collapsed into the sea.

In all areas you will be able to find recommendable five star accommodations.

The beach on Gozo island

Great View, positive surprises and a lot of GT’s

During my trip to Malta I stayed at Le Méridian in St. Julians, which was a very positive experience.

The hotel has a great location with a direct view out over Balluta Bay and the surrounding roofs. The hotel boasts a nice rooftop pool where you can soak up the sun and three restaurants. The big surprise and strong draw of the hotel, that sets it aside from other hotels I have stayed at, is the large and luxurious spa and gym.

The view from Le Meridian Malta overlooking Balluta Bay
The rooftop pool at Le Meridian Malta
MyoKa spa at Le Meridian Malta

Room 935 – the place to be!

My stay at Le Méridian was in Executive room number 935. I write this because if you go visit the hotel I highly recommend you ask for this particular room.

The room it self is nice, roomie but not big. It has what you expect from a higher category room – a great and large bed, a nice couch and lounge chair section, big bathtub and a large showerhead (so good).

Executive room at le meridian Malta

Best feature about this room at Le Meridian is by far the terrace. It’s large for what you would expect. Actually so large that it could easily have fitted in a few lounge chairs for your own private little sun deck, that would have been the icing on the cake.

Since room 935 is at a corner, you don’t have a neighboring room next to you blocking your right side view. This gives you a full view of both Balluta Bay and the city. I fully enjoyed this splendid view both morning and evening.

To furthermore add to the argument to stay at this particular room, please consider that it is basically right next to the Executive Lounge, that comes free of charge with a stay in an Executive Room – so if you like me like to have a GT or two before dinner this is easily done.

View of Balluta Bay from Le Meridian Malta
The View overlooking St Julian from Le Meridian Malta

Lets eat!                                                      

On the restaurant side, Le Meridian Malta has two options. In the summer period they have the La Baija Rooftop Restaurant open. Located on the hotel’s top floor it gives you a beautiful view of the bay. It’s the more causal restaurant both in terms of dress code and menu. If you want scenery and great atmosphere, it’s a great choice.


La Bajja rooftop restaurant Le Meridian Malta

On ground floor you find the Taro, the hotels newly revamped and higher-end restaurant. The restaurant offers Maltese inspired cuisine. This local cuisine can best be explained as the best of Italian cuisine, with a mix of North African influence, mixed with local produce.

Taro offers a full menu, with wine parings or à la carte.

a table at Taro restaurant at Le meridian Malta
Restaurant Taro at Le Meridian Malta

Visiting Malta and Le Meridian – Final thoughts

Like many, I suspect, I came to Malta not quite knowing what to expect of the place. I soon discovered though that the island definitely is a visit and a revisit worthy.

If you are tired of the usual suspects in terms of destinations, or just got hit by that urge to go to a place of sun very late in the season, Malta is a great option.

If you go I would definitely give my recommendations for a stay at Le Méridian. The hotel has all bases covered for a luxury food and travel experience!


To see more about Le Meridian Malta here

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