Is the Pavilions Phuket the perfect stay?

Very few places in the world have more luxury resorts then Phuket in Thailand. Every year you see a growing number of tourists visiting here and new resorts and hotels pop up. Many of these resorts, highly luxurious, topping many of the major travel media’s top hotels lists. For me being in Thailand, this then was a perfect opportunity to explore the luxurious side Phuket, and spend a few days relaxing.

One great place for this is The Pavilions Phuket, a luxurious resort of suites and villas located about 30 minutes drive from the airport and Phuket’s famous Patong beach. Being located on a hillside, the resort offers a great view over Phuket, with the ocean in the background.

A Grand Entrance 

Arriving at The Pavilions, the first impression, except the friendly and nice airport transfer service is the entrance. As soon as the gates open, a long narrow avenue of bamboo trees presents itself, taking you all the way up to the lobby. It’s a beautiful entrance; green, simplistic and very much a feel of Thailand, a beautiful start to the Pavilions experience.

I have a quick check-in and a buggy comes to pick me up and take me to my villa for the next days.



Once you go pool you can never go back

My stay at the Pavilions Phuket is in a Spa and Pool Villa, a 275 m2 paradise of villa, private infinity pool, sundeck and sala (a Thai style open pavilion with a big bed for outside relaxing). The pavilion furthermore boasts  a build in spa room that is equipped with two massage beds and steam room so you don’t have to leave the villa for your relaxing massages. This place is build for comfort and pleasure!


The splendid sundeck and private pool.


The bed insuring you sleep like a king… or a baby, which ever you prefer.

As soon as I unpack it’s time to get down to business. I need food and I need to test the pool! I order room service, and as I wait I dive right into the water.

The pool has a nice size, its long enough to do a few strokes, and above the pool you have a type of waterfall drizzling down water, just enough to make the soothing sound of running water. It’s a pool that dreams are made of!

Actually during my swim I realize that I might seriously have damaged my view on future luxury hotel stays, I mean once you go private pool can never go back, right? It’s hard at least.


As I dry in the sun my food arrives. I have started with some of my favorite Thai classics, Pad Thai and Thai fish cakes, to have a good baseline to compare the room service with. The food is good, tasty and looks amazing. It’s served with a big smile from the staff! This would not be the last time that I notice the staff’s efforts to make this stay an amazing feeling.


Driving off to Breakfast

Despite it being absolutely possible for me to just stay in the villa throughout the day, I want to check out what else the resort has to offer.

One of these stops is the morning breakfast buffet. As the resort is on a steep hill, moving around requires a drive (unless you love to arrive drenched in sweat), so I make the call and have a buggy take me to breakfast. The Plantation Club – as it is called also serve lunch as well as the complimentary afternoon tea.

The Plantation Club is a great location to enjoy the morning, with views over the palm trees and the ocean in the background.

The breakfast buffet offers what you would expect from a place like the Pavilions Phuket and the alcohol free flow make you take the days first hard decision – bubbles or mimosa starter?


Sunset views

When evening comes around, and you feel like getting out of your pavilion, the resorts 360° Bar is the place to go. Located on the top of the hill the bar offers an amazing view of Phuket (hence the name), and offering more upscale feel to it then The Plantation Club, as well as a fancier selection of food and drinks.

I dive into some pre-dinner drinks and some Western & Asian inspired Tapas – including one of the best calamari I have ever had.


The real star of the show though is the sunset, so make sure to stick around for that. Luckily upon my arrival the staff was very good at letting me know exactly what time the sunset was.

The 360° Bar is a popular place, and as it is not that big, I would highly suggest that you always remember to make a dinner reservation.


The Pavilions Phuket – The Final Thought

The Pavilions offer a full experience in luxury and everything during my stay was spot on! The staff was extremely friendly and smiley, they had a great attention to detail, and experienced several times that I didn’t even have to tell them which villa I was staying in, they knew.

Staying at the Pool and Spa Villa you a great sized pool and spacious sundeck. If staying inside is a preference, you have one of the best chill-out sofas with huge pillows you will ever find. Having the Spa area in the villa as well just adds an extra nice touch and adds to the convenience – you really hardly have to leave the villa during your stay.

The food at the Pavilions is on par with the level of the rest of the experience from what I encountered, and I have very few negative things to say.

Some may say it’s negative that it is not right next to the beach, with my pool I didn’t mind though. If you are in need of sand between your toes, the hotel offers shuttle busses to nearby Layan Beach throughout the day.

Only thing that felt like it could have been a bit smarter was being able to stream movies directly from the villa, instead of having to go up to The Plantation Club and borrow DVD’s. This however is not something that is going to affect any of my judging criteria. I had an amazing time at The Pavilions Phuket, and I couldn’t stop smiling during my stay. I am already dreaming about my next stop at Pavilions Phuket.

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